About Libby Mills – Graphic Designer & Artist

Born in 1979, I grew up in the small town of Uki. There I have spent many years of my life, a place where art was bought into my world.

Early memories consist of drawing, writing, and climbing trees. As time grew, and so with age I become more and more interested in the visual world.

The infinite nature of all that exists is pure inspiration. This is where a work, a creation develops. Art is alive!

The simple beauty of a leaf, thoughts, emotions, the wonder of what could be, or the result of media and their reaction to each other on the canvas. Text on a page given the right space and alignment, or pastel hues upon sunset. Inspiration and art come in waves from a variety of sources.

My work includes a variety of genres and media. Painting in various forms, photography, writing, computer graphics & design ˜ among other things.

From all these elements and more, I have found myself not only lost in the world of art but intrigued and lost in the world of design.

The web (one of my fascinations) is an amazing thing – so technical, yet so creative. Time easily passes scribing code to the page.

Another of my tools is a D-SLR. I love the click of a button, a second of time that could capture that ultimate visual beauty. For that brief moment, time stands still.

Who knows what’s set before me as an artist or designer? Most of all I hope to learn, love life, and continue to create.


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